About Us

We be(leaf) in the power of plants and nutrient-dense ingredients that make the world a little bit greener. 

That's why we created a cookie to match.

We gathered up our favorite nutritious ingredients to make our cookie fuel for the body instead of empty calories.

We individually packaged it, so you've got a snack on the run for the gym bag, diaper bag or car console.

And most importantly, we made it taste DELICIOUS, so you don't have to eat just because it's healthy. You can eat it because it's delicious. Healthy is just the side note. 

MOVE OVER SALAD.....HELLO BADASS POWER COOKIE! Making the world a little bit greener, one cookie at a time.




Located on Lake Ontario in NY using US grown ingredients and mixing, baking and shipping right from our facility!  Always organic, non-gmo, kosher, and vegan.





Have a question?  Call us at 888.483.4208 or email info@badasspowercookie.com