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Small New York Communities Gain Plant-Powered Restaurants

Living in a small community and living a vegan lifestyle simultaneously can be a difficult feat. A simple "Let's go out to eat!" can ignite stress and frustration rather quickly when options are limited to meat and dairy filled dishes except for one side salad option and a carrot stick platter. On top of that, telling restaurants about your dietary restrictions can feel difficult, IF you want to even go there. 
The good news is that the vegan lifestyle is becoming more well known. Restaurants are starting to take notice of the changing needs of their customers and adding vegan and gluten-free options to their menus and even better, all plant-powered restaurants are opening up IN small communities and cities! 
The Badass Power Cookie got a new look at the EDG Cafe in our Berry n' Creme Badass Waffle with cashew milk nice cream and fresh berries on top.
In the home of Badass Power Cookie, Wayne County, NY, we have had very few vegan options until our small bakery opened, Everyday Gourmet Bakery. Even then, EDG Bakery was not a restaurant but rather a place to grab muffins and bread that were locally made. 
Then we pushed it further, knowing there was a need for healthy, plant-based options in our area. We opened the first plant-powered restaurant in the county, Everyday Gourmet Cafe.
The need for the healthy options was obvious on Opening Day when the door wouldn't stop opening with new customers! Since then, the excitement has drawn herbivores and omnivores from local areas and far away communities, all who have happily enjoyed or were surprised by the delicious tastes of plant-based food. We always welcome the veg-curious with open-arms especially because it's fun to watch as they bite into the Beyond Burger with pleasant surprise! 
The Beyond Burger made it's home at the EDG Cafe as one of the most popular items on the menu. 
What's better than herbivores and omnivores having new healthy places to eat and loving it? Another restaurant with amazing plant-based options coming to our area! 
The Owl House in Rochester, NY has been open since 2010 with great success in serving a range of tastes. They have been a large supporter of the vegan community in Rochester and are now coming to Pultneyville, NY in July! 
The Owl House has vegan and gluten-free options like this giant pile of loaded nachos making the restaurant a very popular spot for the vegan community in Rochester.
The idea of having TWO delicious restaurants with vegan options in one area may not seem like a large change in some communities, but it is incredible for residents here and now it's becoming a reality!
This influx of plant-based restaurants in the area is not just creating additional places for healthy eating, but providing an arena for the veg-curious to explore the possibilities of a plant-based diet. Delicious meals produce questions from curious customers, which lead to positive food options outside of learned diets.
In turn, this benefits the health of our community, the environment and becomes a compassionate option for eating, which is all that we can ask for. 

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