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BAPC Waffle Recipe

Waffles are great and all and sometimes they can be a load of empty ingredients. It has never stopped us before but then we had a thought - can we make these even more nutritious, fulfilling and delicious? Of course we can. Just add a cookie.

This may be the easiest recipe that we've ever made. Seriously. Throw a cookie in some waffle batter and basically you're done. (Besides the waffling part) Check it out:


What You Need:

  • Waffle Maker 
  • a bowl 
  • stirring utensils


  • Your favorite vegan waffle mix 
  • One Badass Power Cookie 
  • Waffle toppings


Step 1: 

 Heat your waffle maker. Mix up your waffle mix in a bowl. 


Step 2:

Crumble your cookie into the waffle mix. You can add more or less depending how you like your waffle.


Step 3:

Pour or scoop batter onto your hot waffle maker. Use waffle maker as instructed.


Step 4:

Enjoy your nutrient-dense waffle!

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