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When Nuts Drive You Nuts, Eat Badass Power Cookie!

If you have ever tried looking for nut free protein bars, you know how difficult this can be.   Particularly if you are looking for a vegan protein bar, they often come filled with that vegetarian protein powerhouse, the peanut. At Badass Power Cookie, we wanted to a make a tasty and protein-filled power cookie that could accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. That is why our protein cookies are vegan, kosher certified, soy free, and nut free.

Even if you do not have a nut allergy, there are reasons you can appreciate the fact that Badass Power Cookie is nut free. A problem among people eating plant-based diets is over consumption of nuts. Nuts have many health benefits: studies show that nuts are heart-healthy, may prevent cancer, and are a good source of protein. However, nuts are also very high in calories and fat; therefore, as healthy as they are, they must be consumed in moderation. The issue is that many people do not understand what “in moderation” really means. Ideally, you should only be eating an ounce of nuts between three and five times a week. This is problematic because so many vegan foods are made with nuts. Between nut butters, nut oils, nut cheeses, veggie burgers, sauces, breakfast cereals, and more, vegans get way more nuts than their daily allotted value, which means that when you want a protein-rich snack, you need a nut free energy bar. Badass Power Cookie to the rescue! Our delicious protein cookie offers the protein you need, GMO free and vegan, and artisan baked to ensure the highest quality.

Whether you have a nut allergy or are just cutting back on your nut consumption, Badass Power Cookie is the snack for you! Vegan, soy free, nut free, and delicious; what more could you need? Try Badass Power Cookie today to fuel the badass in you!

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