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5 Unlikely but Powerful Plants to Add to Your Diet

If we believe anything at BAPC, we believe in the power of plants and how they can affect the body in incredible ways.

There are some unusual suspects on this list though. Who knew those yellow "weeds" in the yard were actually good for you? 



Crazy right? All those years that we've been mowing these guys down to keep our lawn clean and they are great for digestion, balancing blood sugar and are full of vitamins and nutrients from the flower down to the root! 


  • Can cure liver problems
  • Act as a cleaning tonic for blood vessels
  • Balance blood sugar level and cholesterol level
  • Prevention against gallstones
  • Quick relief to ankle swelling
  • Improves the function of pancreas
  • high levels of vitamin C
  • rich in calcium
  • tons of antioxidants
  • great for digestion




And you thought catnip was just for cats? Well it's time to keep your own stash apart from your kitty's. This guy is a great detoxifier, digestive aid and though it may wind cats up, it calms humans down.


  • It is a powerful detoxifier, help to sweat out toxic elements from your body
  • One of best natural medicine for headache and migraine
  • Relaxing property by calming down the nervous system
  • Quick relief from toothache
  • Balance digestive system
  • super anti-inflammatory
  • stops upset stomachs, gas, and diarrhea
  • a paste will help stop the swelling, pain, and itching with bug bites or bee stings




What is better than beautiful orange and yellow marigolds in a garden? Beautiful orange and yellow marigolds on a salad! Yup, these guys are edible and the perfect way to dress up a dish as well as cure a headache!


  • Instant relief from fever
  • Can cure swollen body parts within short time
  • Solution for all wounds and burns
  • One of best herbs for headache and toothache
  • Anti inflammatory properties of marigold help to cure allergies
  • Optimize the growth of new blood vessels and new skin issues
  • Reduce the chances of tumors



Red Clover

Another little "weed" friend that we've tried to abolish from our yards and gardens but has SUCH healing properties! Detoxifying, cold and cough curing and pain relieving red clover should be a friend not an enemy. 


  • detoxifier for the liver and the blood
  • treatment for colds and coughs
  • can relive the pain of psoriasis, sores, burns
  • anti-inflammatory
  • great pain reliever 
  • a known blood thinner - great for thrombosis or other conditions but not so great for people already taking blood thinner medications 




A common food for horses but not humans, correct? Not so correct. 


  • rich in minerals
  • high in protein
  • used to treat nausea, morning sickness, urinary tract disorders, kidney stones, and other types of kidney pain
  • powerful diuretic
  • cleanses the liver and bowels
  • helps lower cholesterol
  • used to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion


Do you have any unusual plants to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below! 

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