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Ways to Work Through Cravings

When you make a major switch in your diet, your intentions and goals can keep you on the right track but there will be times where you start to deal with cravings. This is totally normal given that your body is adjusting to different types of foods and the lack of foods that were once major parts of your diet. If you’re in the process of changing up your diet, and you’re starting to struggle with cravings here and there, don’t give in! There are ways to work through these cravings and we’re going to touch on them today.

Stay Away From Them

As challenging as it may sound, one of the best things that you can do is to stay away from the items that you’re craving. It’s very challenging to stick to a specific diet if you’re going out to eat with friends or heading out to the bar at the end of a long day. Figuring out your goals and realizing where you need to shift your actions is going to be crucial. This can also help you prepare for any of the times where there may be items that will tempt you or make you miss the horrible foods you were eating before.

Try New Foods

At times, people experience cravings because they’ve become so dependent on certain types of foods that they don’t know what else to eat. If you’re eliminating something from your diet, do some research and learn some more about what those types of cravings mean. More often than not, when your body is craving something it’s because your body is lacking some sort of nutrient. Once you’ve figured out what it is that your body is lacking, look up a few recipes that not only sound delicious but will provide you with everything your body needs.

Once you get out and try some new foods not only will you learn more about your body, but you’ll have new foods to add to your list of favorites.

Find Alternatives

One of the best ways that you can ensure that you don’t give in to cravings that you have is to find alternatives to the items that you’re missing the most. This could be a bit of a challenge all based on what it is that you’re craving, but you’d be surprised with how many delicious alternatives you have access to.


If you’re having a tough time going without your typical carbohydrates (bread and pasta), the good news is that there are plenty of gluten-free options that can provide you with the same indulgence. There are pastas made from lentils, spinach, and rice that all taste the exact same and will provide you with more nutrition than your typical pasta ever has. There are also so many different types of bread that are made from grains and can also boost your protein consumption.


Another piece of dieting that people struggle with is reducing the amount of sweets that they’re consuming. The good news is that there are also plenty of different ways that you can still get your sweet fix in. Protein powder allows for quite a few opportunities when it comes to sweet recipes. From puddings to ice cream, you can use your nutritious protein powder to curb your sweet cravings. Also, cocoa powder (when it is more than 60 percent genuine cocoa) is also healthy! Adding some of this to your yogurt or a protein shake is an easy way to sweeten things up.

You can also find healthy products like the Badass Power Cookie. This is an item that is completely nutritious, vegan and dairy free so that you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body. You know that all of the ingredients are something that your body will benefit from and that you can feel confident enjoying. And the best part? They’re badass and delicious.

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