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The Life-Changing Power of Crossfit

My name is Jenna Petrungaro and I’m from the sunny beaches of San Diego! I’m currently wrapping up high school and looking to pursue a business degree at Pepperdine University in Malibu. My passions include yoga, coffee, traveling, reading, cooking, hiking, and most of all: CrossFit.

CrossFit has completely changed my life. It has taught me to love my body and embrace the incredible things it can do, rather than viewing it as a flawed and incapable of achieving great things.  

My CrossFit journey began in the summer of my sophomore year of high school. A CrossFit box was opening up near my house, and they offered a trial month for new members. At first, I was very hesitant. Even though I was in somewhat good shape from high school sports, I had HUGE issues with confidence and self-worth. I never believed in myself, and was always afraid of failure, so I never took risks. I soon learned that in CrossFit, that kind of mentality is deemed simply unacceptable. That first month of CrossFit forced me to take a risk and dare to believe in myself. And once I did, boy, was it incredible. There was just something about picking up that barbell that clicked. I fell in love instantly! The camaraderie, challenge, and sweat brought me back day after day. I had never been so sore, so bruised, or so happy with myself in my entire life. My passion for CrossFit has led me to become a competitive athlete, as well as a coach. I want to share those feelings of empowerment and confidence that CrossFit has brought to me with other people.  

With those new found feelings of self-confidence under my belt, I found myself signing up for mud runs. Now, I am NOT a cardio person, but CrossFit fostered in me an addiction to challenge, and I had to satisfy it. I signed up for Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and a Rugged Maniac 5k. It was at the Rugged Maniac that I first discovered Badass Power Cookies. They were being handed out after the race, and I was hooked on the first bite. It was the most insanely delicious vegan protein cookie I had ever had, period. And the fact that it was actually good for you and not loaded with a ton of unhealthy ingredients was so huge for me. Taking care of my body is one of my biggest priorities now, and having Badass Power Cookies just makes it that much easier. They are perfect for vegan protein cookie, whether it’s on-the-go, breakfast, pre and post WOD, as well as satisfyingly decadent dessert.

I hope my story has inspired you. Make this day yours, love yourself, love other people, and be Badass!