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Facing Judgment From Other Vegans

Over the next several blogs, one of our brand ambassadors, Peg Haust-Arliss, LCSW-R, will be writing about overcoming the challenges associated with becoming vegan. Here, she outlines how to handle the judgment from fellow vegans for not being the “perfect vegan.”

Is guilt part of your experience as a new vegan? Unfortunately, you may also experience judgment from the vegan community. If you are not completely vegan, you are considered hypocritical. “Are those shoes leather?” I see this much more often from non-vegans as a defensive diversion tactic, but it can leave a good intentioned newbie feeling needlessly guilty or ashamed. Everyone has an individual experience and path. I was a vegetarian first; it took me a few years to become vegan. Some people dive in; some people choose to dip in slowly. Some people dabble, leave, and return. Remember, we are talking about food that is not only culturally and socially ingrained, but also so processed with chemicals and additives that it is literally addictive! That is why I am passionate about educating. I would have transitioned faster with the knowledge I have now.

Finally, let DIEts DIE! I encourage people to stay away from the word “diet.” It has so many negative connotations. Diets are restrictive and depriving. A healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, is empowering and fulfilling. And there is no healthier lifestyle for your mind, body, and spirit than a healthy vegan lifestyle!

Stay tuned for our next blog from Peg. In the meantime, enjoy a delicious vegan protein bar to tide you over! Shop Badass Power Cookie today.

Peg is an author, therapist, vegan health and lifestyle coach, and the proud owner of Fear To Freedom Holistic Psychotherapy. Her thriving private practice is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, where she offers in-person and online individual therapy and coaching, VIP Day Breakthrough Sessions, and Coaching Programs based on her book: Anxiety Breakthrough.

Peg resides with her husband and their four very adored and entertaining fur kids. She is passionate about animal rights and is on the board of ARAUNY, Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY. For fun and relaxation, she loves cooking, physical fitness, music, wine touring, spa days, walking the dogs, very amateur photography, and spoiling her husband, family, and friends any chance she gets!
Download free excerpts of her book and connect with her on social media, all on her website at