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Becoming Bikini Ready

When you live in sunny South Florida, there really is no such thing as “bikini season.” In Boston, where I grew up, my friends are in layers covering head to toe, while I am jogging in a sports bra and shorts in February! For the past four years, I have been a personal trainer in Boca Raton, and my clients want their body looking bikini-ready 365 days a year. Some might say we “live life in a bikini” down here.

I have a large group of clients who are college students. I like to joke that they keep me young and in the loop of what’s trending these days. It has been some time since my own college years. Many of my college clients are living on their own for the very first time. They come to me for fitness training, as well as nutritional guidance (no one wants gain the dreaded freshman fifteen.) Megan (20 years old), who is certainly a badass client, is a junior at Lynn University in Boca Raton. She wanted to lean and tone her body, but did not want to increase muscle size in her upper body. I have Megan doing a lot of bodyweight circuit training, eating three meals and

three snacks a day. Below is an upper body circuit I use with her and is perfect for

toning and not bulking:

Steph Strong: Sexy Summer Arms Circuit:

  • 5 walk the floors (Keep legs a little more than hip distance apart and as straight as

possible throughout. Walk hands all the way out and complete 3 push-ups. Then walk hands all the way back in.)

  • 30 mountain climbers - (Make sure to keep shoulders over hands.)
  • 10 tricep dips - (Use a sturdy bench or chair.)
  • 20 high plank shoulder taps - (Make sure to keep your hips still by drawing your belly

button in! This makes for a great core and shoulder exercise.)

  • 30 second plank

Most of my personal training clients request nutritional guidance. I can give them my macronutrient recommendations and healthy food prep methods; however, what if my client lives in dorm room with only a mini-fridge and microwave? For these clients, convenience and simplicity are especially important, which is why I recommend foods that you can take anywhere, such as protein cookies like Badass Power Cookie. I always have my clients keep a 3 day food journal in which they write down everything they eat and drink. This is very helpful for anyone, as it helps you take a critical look at your eating habits. The food journals of some of my college clients reveal long gaps in their day where they aren’t eating anything, and then overeating in the evening. I am a huge believer in eating small meals or snacks such as protein cookies, nonfat yogurt, or veggies every two to three hours to avoid going into starvation mode and then inevitably stuffing one’s face with everything and anything in the kitchen. For my college clients, I recommend nutritious and filling snacks that are convenient. I have to give them realistic dietary recommendations, or I am just setting them up for failure.

Michelle (21 years old), another junior at Lynn University, came to me wanting to gain muscle and have her booty looking great in a bikini! I have Michelle doing a lot of bodyweight and weighted squats and lunges. I also have her consuming protein and carbohydrates (with low glycemic index) within a strict 30 minute window after her workout. Many overlook the importance of consuming carbs post-workout, but, they are very important as they replenish one’s glycogen and help maintain proper blood sugar levels. Below is super bikini booty workout I have done with Michelle:

Get a “Stephanie Strong” Booty Workout:

-10 Thrusters - Squat to overhead press with dumbbells or barbells.

-10 single leg brides - 10 each leg. Drive through your heel and squeeze your ass!

-10 step-ups - 10 each leg. Use a sturdy bench or chair.

-20 weighted walking lunges - Use a barbell in back rack position or dumbbells by your


Michelle’s before and after:

As a personal trainer, I want to guide my clients towards self-confidence and good health. I must give them realistic fitness and nutrition advice so that I set them up for success and not for failure. I could not be more proud of my college student clients; they continue to impress me everyday with their commitment.They really do work their asses off to earn that bikini ready body 365 days a year!

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