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5 Ways Meditation Enhances Your Workout

Meditation has become extremely popular among health enthusiasts because of its many benefits to both the body and the mind. Meditation can lower stress, help you sleep, and curb overeating. However, one aspect of your life that you may not realize could be improved by meditation is your workout. While you may think that you don’t have time to schedule in meditation (after all, it’s hard enough to find time to workout!), it’s worth it to start with a meditation session, or incorporate it into your routine. Here are some of the ways meditation enhances your fitness routine.

Meditation keeps you focused

Have you ever been working out, only to find that you can’t remember what you’ve been doing for the last ten minutes because you are so distracted? Whether you find yourself consumed with a big presentation at work or a fight with your partner, it’s hard to quiet your mind enough to focus on your workout sometimes. Fortunately, meditation is a great tool that can help you concentrate better. A great way to keep you present throughout the entire workout is to incorporate meditation in your routine. For example, you can start and end with a five minute meditation, or use it to transition from tougher exercises and more moderate activity. You could even incorporate yoga poses into your workout to recenter you and improve your focus.

Meditation makes you aware of your body and abilities

One of the best things meditation can offer is its ability to bring your awareness to your body. When you meditate, it makes you more present, and therefore, aware of what you are feeling, how hard you are working, and how much more you could do. This is helpful for your workout because it lets you know when it’s time for you to push yourself harder, and when you need to cool down. Being in tune with what’s going on with your body enables you to make greater strides and take the best care of your body.

Meditation can prevent injury

The presence of mind meditation gives you can serve you in many different ways, one of which is making you more aware of form. Because you are present for your exercise, you can fully focus on how you are performing each move, ensuring that you do it the right way. Rather than rushing through reps, you can perform the exercises correctly, which will prevent you from injuring yourself.

Meditation helps you focus on your breath

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s common for people to forget to breathe during their workout. When you are extremely focused on your workout, it’s easy to find yourself holding your breath, which can actually backfire and make your routine harder. However, your breathing patterns can have a powerful effect on your workout. When you keep a steady breath, it can make it easier to push yourself through a tough set. Meditation brings awareness to the breath, so you breathe deeply throughout your entire workout.

Meditation helps you through tough workouts

During a tough workout, it can be difficult to keep your mind in the game. You may find yourself thinking about how difficult it is, or that glass of wine you are allowing yourself to indulge in later, instead of focusing on how your body feels. However, meditation has the powerful ability to break us free of our doubts. You may try incorporating a mantra into your meditation that you can fall back on during difficult workouts, or instead, focus on counting your breath rather than the difficulty of your workout.

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